Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Third Great Awakening

This blog is dedicated to promoting a third great awakening, one which wins the whole world to Christ in one generation followed by others that take the whole earth for a thousand generations. The reason for such a goal is simple: God has promised that all the nations of the earth would remember and return unto him, that the whole earth would be filled with his knowledge and glory as the waters that cover the sea, that every man would set under his own vine and fig tree and none should make him afraid, that in the seed of Abraham ever family of the earth would be blessed, that Abraham's seed by faith would be as innumerable as the sand by the sea shore and as the stars of Heaven, that the redeemed in Heaven cannot be numbered by man. These are but some of the references/promises which were the basis for Jonathan Edwards' Humble Attempt to promote the extension of the Gospel throughout the whole earth. Thus, this blog shall be devoted to forwarding such a lofty goal for the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. All who have an interest are invited to particpate and add their insights and knowedge to the effort.


  1. This particular blog is devoted to one of the sources of the theology of the Great Awakenings and the Great Century of Missions, namely, the works of John Calvin. A recent work, John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine & Doxology, ed. by Burk parsons, and published by Reformation Trust,2008, provides the reader with insight into the mind and life of Calvin. Pratically all of the leaders in the Awakenings were steeped in the writings and thinking of this leader of the Reformation. Edwards, Whitefield, the Erskines, Gano, Stearns, Tennents, Marshall, Mercers, Leland, Furman, etc., can call be identified as Calvinistic in their presentations. They might not use the term, but their preaching of Sovereign Grace is proof enough. Even the Great Arminian, John Wesley and one of his leading preachers (Fletcher)could sound just like Calvinists in their insistence on man's need for a gift of grace. More could be said, but Calvin has to be considered. I have to say I have always been troubled by the Servetus affair, but I also remember how one of our Baptist leaders stated in 1823-24 that Baptists of the South would fight in defense of slavery. A cannon ball punctuated his remarks in 1861, when it flew from Fort Sumter and buried its weight in his grave. Alas! We all come short. That is why we as well as our world today needs prayer, intense, agonizing, daily prayer for another Great Awakening. We need to pray especially that ministers might realize that each one of the doctrines of grace is an invitation to trust God. Dr. John D. Eusden stated in his Introducton to his translation of William Ames's Marrow of Divinity that "Predesttion is an invitation to begn one's spiritual pilgrimage...." I remmber with joy how his words leaped out of the page, and how I saw our Lord doing such a thing as in Mt.15:21-28. Before psychiatry, psychology, and counseling were conceived let alone came forth with the terapy of paradoxical intervention, the word of God had been offering such treatments 2000 yrs. ago.

  2. On 1/10 the attendance at our church, the Good Hope Baptist Church of Cary, NC was 337. The same day Gum Springs Baptist Church of Moncure, NC had 61 in attendance. A member and retired minister said he could not remember the last time the attendance was that high. Our son's church, Berry's Grove Baptist church, Timberlake, NC had 170 total for two morning worship services high for a normal Sun. Good Hope had a conversion and one by letter. I don'tknow what the others had, but I had a heavy feeling like this: God is beginning to move. Lord Jesus grant that it might be so.

  3. "It is NOT those who hear the law who are righteous in God's sight, but it is those who OBEY the law who will be declared righteous." Rom. 2:13
    Every follower of little lord Johnny Calvin needs to awaken to the above fact.