Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A preternatural and invisible hand

Morgan Edwards in his work on Baptists in 1771 declared "I believe a preternatural and invisible hand operates in the assemblies of the Separate-Baptists bearing down the human mind, as was the case in primitive churches. I Cor.14:25." In the Ketocton Baptist Association in 1816 a writer commenting on what had occurred in the past 50 years remarked that while it was not miraculous, it was something remarkably like it. There are descriptions of the power of Heaven coming down in those early assemblies. Some times the power convicted of sin and filled hearts with the fear of the judgment to come. At other times, there was a sense of such love and joy, the persons experiencing the visitation could scarcely contain themselves. Now all of this was in conjunction with faithful preaching of the doctrines of grace. Two things are noted in the case of the First and Second Great Awakenings, namely, the theology preached and the visitation of the Divine presence. The two in conjunction seem to utterly transform neighborhoods, people, conduct, etc. This is the source of why the South became such a church going part of the nation.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Third Great Awakening

This blog is dedicated to promoting a third great awakening, one which wins the whole world to Christ in one generation followed by others that take the whole earth for a thousand generations. The reason for such a goal is simple: God has promised that all the nations of the earth would remember and return unto him, that the whole earth would be filled with his knowledge and glory as the waters that cover the sea, that every man would set under his own vine and fig tree and none should make him afraid, that in the seed of Abraham ever family of the earth would be blessed, that Abraham's seed by faith would be as innumerable as the sand by the sea shore and as the stars of Heaven, that the redeemed in Heaven cannot be numbered by man. These are but some of the references/promises which were the basis for Jonathan Edwards' Humble Attempt to promote the extension of the Gospel throughout the whole earth. Thus, this blog shall be devoted to forwarding such a lofty goal for the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. All who have an interest are invited to particpate and add their insights and knowedge to the effort.